Line Up

For 2 days international music acts and some of Europe’s best DJs will make OUTLETCITY METZINGEN rock. Friday will be musically characterized by the “turning turntables”: DASDING will present hip DJs who guarantee party atmosphere in the open air. On Saturday evening national and international music acts will enthuse the guests with open-air concerts and strong voices.


From Moscow via Mexico City, Dubai and Amsterdam to Metzingen – we bring some of the best DJs in Europe to OUTLETCITY METZINGEN!

On Friday, rocking the turntables is the name of the musical game: Our top DJs will make you dance all night long with their groovy house, electro and pop beats.

From the early evening on, these international DJs will get everyone at FASHION & MUSIC in the mood to party rock with us into the night. And what´s best about it: it´s FOR FREE!



Since 1990 DJ and producer team MOONBOOTICA guarantees the fun of excess. Their unique lack of respect in the interests of wildstyle is both a virtue and a call to arms. When others reach for anabolics and pimp their tracks to the limiter with everything they can get their hands on, Kowe Six and Tobi Tobsen simply rely on where they came from. Style was laid in their cradle like a golden curb chain. Their musical trajectory, five albums and hundreds of shows prove as much. A two-headed unity IS MOONBOOTICA, and that’s what it’s all about, IS: double-loaded, twice as focussed, twice as big. The double greatest!!!



Laserkraft 3D

After being banned from their home planet their space shuttle finally striked on our earth: Laserkraft 3D combine their original backgrounds from the Rock- and DJ scene with full energy into abnormal lasertechno, which drives the audience with unruly thrust both into dirty tech-house-underground and obscene electro-rave orbits. Therefore they pull out all the stops with sound generators of superior technology, three times as many controls as necessary and illuminating the power of their polyphonic vocal cords. And because the earth citizens can celebrate so beautifully wild, Laserkraft 3D have not taken their space suits off on the way to the stage. So if one evening the power supply system lets the lights flicker, listen carefully: either the space authority is testing a new particle accelerator or Laserkraft 3D are live in Metzingen!



Tune Brothers

New York, Moscow, Amsterdam, Seoul, Miami, Zurich, Vienna, Jakarta, Stuttgart or Munich. No matter whether on the American or the Asian continent - the Tune Brothers celebrate their beats in the hottest clubs all over the world. In the course of their 15-year career the TUNE BROTHERS, established 1996 in Stuttgart, have not only conquered the globe but created an international network of different labels, artists and radio shows. Named „Housesession“ their platform has reached the highest heights on the international house maps. This constant development towards the top didn´t just happen due to their status as well-versed and experienced DJs but also due to international hit productions such as „The Drones“, „Groovy Baby“, „I like it 2010“ or „High Energy“. These compelling arguments have not gone unnoticed by the world market: DJs all over the world equip their CD cases and laptops with more than 100 releases by Housesession Records, Sume Music, Bang It and Red Eleven.




After national and international artists like Amy Macdonald, Aura Dione, Milow, Colbie Caillat, Natalia Kills, Joy Denalane and many more captivated the audience in the past years, we are proud to again present you an outstanding line-up this summer.

Experience a perfect concert mix of rock & pop, party and dance beats on Saturday, 27 July 2013 at the FASHION & MUSIC 2013 festival area.

Exciting stage shows, unique dance performances and amazing voices – and everything FOR FREE!


With „Beggin’“ Madcon achieved their international breakthrough, sold 2.5 million CDs worldwide and reached gold status in Germany, France and the United States. With the largest flash mob ever „Glow“ got the whole of Europe up on their feet and „Freaky Like Me“ got even the biggest couch potatoes on the dance floor.  In Germany alone Madcon sold 80,000 albums and more than 1.2 million singles. They dominated the top ten oft he sales charts twice and the radio charts even three times. Now they are back with their new album „Icon“: A global collaboration with world famous guest artists and producers (to be released on August 30), including their first single release „One Life“ feat. Destiny´s Child singer Kelly Rowland!



Tim Bendzko

His single „Nur noch kurz die Welt retten“ turned into a huge success right after ist release in 2011. But Tim Bendzko can not only save the world, he can also create new worlds through his music. His clear and simple lyrics somehow have the power to develop a life of their own. This world, created with only sounds and words, is unique for each listener. And the success of this music speaks for itself: 2012 Tim Bendzko won the Echo as Best Newcomer, the 1live Crown and the MTV MUSIC Award as Best Artist. His debut album „Wenn Worte meine Sprache wären“ reached double platinum status and stayed in the charts for 69 weeks. He also was the first newcomer to simultaneously have two singles and one album in the top ten of the German sales charts! „Am Seidenen Faden“ is the title of Tim Bendzko´s new single and also of his new album, which both were released with great success in May 2013. „Am Seidenen Faden“ invites you to wonder how we can´t influence certain things but, at the same time, achieve so much – if only you believe in it. It invites you to wonder how deeply music can touch us and how we find ourselves in words and images someone else sings about. Tim Bendzko´s voice is closer and more tangible than ever, his words are clear and yet they offer each of us a place and the invitation to find ourselves in them.



Caro Emerald

Mit "Deleted Scenes From The Cutting Room Floor" verkaufte sie auf Anhieb weltweit fast zwei Millionen Einheiten, war 30 aufeinander folgende Wochen in den Holländischen Longplay-Charts vertreten (und damit ganze vier Wochen länger als der vorherige Rekordhalter, Michael Jackson mit "Thriller") und wurde schließlich in ganz Europa mit einem wahren Edelmetall-Regen und diversen Preisen (u.a. Echo, der Goldenen Kamera oder dem MTV Award ) für ihren Top 5-Erstling sowie die ausgekoppelte Smash-Single "A Night Like This"  überschüttet. Mit den Songs ihres neuen ungeduldig erwarteten Zweitwerks "The Shocking Miss Emerald" setzt die niederländische Pop-Queen nun ihre faszinierende Zeitreise in die Vergangenheit fort.



Frida Gold

They love the endless rush of opulent sounds and grand gestures. And all too often they find themselves sitting at the piano, working on „raw“ songs broken down into their most basic elements. They love ecstatic self-aggrandizement just as much as the immediacy of an intimate moment: Frida Gold celebrate the paradoxes and contrasts! Charismatic lead singer Alina Süggeler is more and more becoming a symbol of a generation of self-determined and assertive women. She models for Chanel and Diesel Black Gold and, with her voice, her attitude and her songs, personifies the „modern diva“. It´s hardly possible to draw a more accurate picture of her than Zoo Magazine did:  „Extravagant and grounded; sexy and one of the boys; singer and model; small town girl and cosmopolitan diva – The golden girl of german pop music.“



Blitzkids mvt.

Already in 2010 BLITZKIDS mvt. entered the inner circles of the clubbing scene with their hits „Blinded“ and „Water“ and immediately reached the top five of the club charts. Since then they have wowed the party crowd with few yet bombastic club gigs. A few tracks were enough for the artist collective from Berlin to get international attention. Their light-footed but substantial mix of club, pop and contemporary electro sounds causes overwhelming enthusiasm pretty much anywhere. described them as „dark, dancing, glowing figures with electronic keyboard pop“ and called them „a musical highlight“.



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