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Presenter 2013: Joko Winterscheidt

03/06/2013 - 11:17

On Saturday, Joko Winterscheidt will present the stage programme at FASHION & MUSIC!

Joko is, without a doubt, one oft he shooting stars of the German TV scene. The success of awesome TV shows like „Joko gegen Klaas – Das Duell um die Welt“ or „CIRCUS HALLIGALLI“ speaks for itself. Moreover, Joko is an expert when it comes to fashion and style, which was confirmed by men´s magazine GQ in 2011: Joko is among the 10 best-dressed men in the TV business and was elected „Man oft he Year 2012“ by GQ. Cool, trendy and confident – that´s what defines Joko Winterscheidt.

See him live – at FASHION & MUSIC 2013!