Congratulations to our winners Lena and Jonas who won the modeling contracts with PARS Management and Nest Model Management. We wish them a successful start to their career and all the best for their future.

Lena und Jonas - Gewinner 2012 - Model Academy


The 19-year-old delivered a brilliant performance at the last chance casting on Friday and convinced model agent Peyman Amin „last minute“ of her talent. She excelled at all the live challenges at FASHION & MUSIC 2012 and won a professional modeling contract with Peyman´s agency PARS Management. Since then, her career has been constantly gaining momentum: Lena has already worked for international fashion brands such as Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen and Emilio Pucci and has travelled to foto shoots and fashion shows around the world. 


Not only his looks but also his ambition and professionalism paved the way to success for the 19-year-old. He convinced the judges of his skills and won the modeling contract with male model agency Nest Model Management.

Runner-up JESSICA  and third place winner HENNING also amazed the judges both at the last-chance casting and the challenges.


Her career as a model quickly took off after winning MODEL ACADEMY 2012. Read more about her work and the challenges of the international jet set life in our exclusive interview with Lena.

Winner 2012 Lena Interview


Where have you worked since FASHION & MUSIC and who have you worked with?

I´ve had many great jobs since FASHION & MUSIC: Catwalk, editorials - shoots for fashion magazines - , showrooms, lookbooks, online catalogues, campaigns and so on. I have even worked for brands such as Stella McCartney, Alexander McQueen or Emilio Pucci.



Have your expectations of your career as a model been fulfilled?

To be honest, I had no idea that it would be so exciting and that I would make so many new experiences. At first, I didn´t know how exactly my life as a model would be but I am very happy with the way it turned out. I knew that I would travel a lot, which is exactly what happened. Actually, I´m travelling throughout Europe all the time: Milan, London, Paris…



Is it difficult to reconcile your private life and your life as a model?

It is sometimes difficult, especially since I´m travelling all the time. That makes it a bit difficult to see my friends and family regularly but we are always in contact via internet and mobile phone.

Durch das Modeln bin ich tatsächlich immer unterwegs und komme sehr viel herum. Leider ist es da etwas schwierig meine Freunde und meine Familie oft zu sehen. Trotzdem stehe ich in engem Kontakt mit ihnen via Internet und Handy. Alles in allem gelingt es mir also sehr gut mein Privatleben und das Modeln unter einen Hut zu bringen.



How do you stay in shape? And how important are sports and a healthy diet in your daily routine?

Sure, I watch my eating habits more closely now that I work as a model. But I´ve always done a lot of exercise so it´s no problem form e to stay fit and healthy. I try to go to the gym or running whenever I can an das a model you are always „on the move“ anyway. I walk from casting to casting and the foto shoots are often very exhausting. So the job basically keeps you active all day.



Do you have time to get to know the country and ist culture when you are working in a different country?

Of course I try to see something oft he country and to experience the local culture when I´m working abroad. However, that doesn´t always work out since most of the time I just fly somewhere for a job and then already have to leave the next morning or even the same day. But whenever I get the chance I go and explore the area J I´ve also lived in Milan and London for a few months so I know my way around there.



Have you met many celebrities?

Sure, you meet celebrities every now and then. Many oft hem are in town during fashion week. Sometimes I also see them back stage at fashion shows o rat after show parties.



What is your advice for this years´ participants of MODEL ACADEMY?

The most important thing ist o believe in yourself and to be self-confident. There will ALWAYS be somebody who doesn´t like who you are or what you do but don´t let that get you down. Stay true to yourself and don´t let anybody change who you are.

And most importantly: enjoy being part of this great event!